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Winter Obedience and Rally Show & Go

  • Sat, January 15, 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Piedmont Kennel Club

Winter Obedience and Rally Show and Go 

update:  Judges are now available for Utility.  

update: Ring 2 will have equipment to set up for Open but can be used for practice at any level.  (Rally or Obedience).   Stewards are available  in both ring 2 & 3.      


Rings 1 & 2 are dedicated to Utility and Open Obedience just as they are at our trials.  Jumps and cones will be provided and set up.  No judge will be provided but you are welcome to bring someone to call for you.   There will be a dedicated volunteer to steward for Utility.  

Ring 3 is available for Rally, Beg. Novice and Novice Obedience practice.  This ring *will* have a volunteer judge to call either level and provide feedback if desired.  There will not be a full Rally course set up but there will be signs for the Beg. Novice heeling pattern available.  Jumps and cones are also available for use.  

Guarantee your time slot!  Pre-registration is available here at  Sign-Up Genius in 10 minute increments for $10.   Payment via PayPal at  "".   

Any slots not reserved will be available for same-day registration.  Payment on-site (cash, check, Worker Bucks etc.) is exact change only.  

Masks are required indoors.  No e-collars on the property.  

The CDTC will also be hosting a FCAT event happening concurrently, all outdoors. Information about that event can be found here.    Parking for that event will primarily be on the left side of the building as you come in.   If you're Obedience/Rally only then you can park anywhere but the right side of the building (near the agility field) will keep you further away from the other event if that's a concern.    

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