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Please review the class descriptions and prerequisites below.  Click on the registration link to be taken to the registration page for that class. 

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AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy  (Two Sessions Tuesdays @6:00pm and Wednesday @6:45pm)

This is a basic socialization and early obedience class for puppies up to 12 months old. At the completion of the program, your puppy can earn an AKC S.T.A.R. puppy certificate. Skills such as sit, down, come, and controlled walking on a leash will be taught. Other puppy behaviors we practice are handling the puppy, socialization with other people and puppies etc. Puppies do not have to be registered with AKC nor do they need to be purebred.

Beginner obedience, Canine Good Citizen preparation, Pre-Agility are all reasonable next steps following this S.T.A.R. Puppy class.

STAR Puppy Class Registration (Tuesday)  (Tuesdays)  Register for one Class only

STAR Puppy Class Registration (Wednesday)  (Wednesdays)

Beginner Obedience/CGC Prep (Two Sessions Monday and Wednesdays @6:45)

This is a basic class for handlers and dogs to learn skills needed for everyday life. Skills such as sit, down, come, and controlled walking on a leash will be covered. The class is intended for graduates of our STAR Puppy program or for adult dogs that are just getting started. In this class we will teach to the 10 specific behaviors required by the AKC for the Canine Good Citizen certification.  The Certification Test will be given at the end of the session.

Beginner Obedience Registration/CGC Prep (Monday @6:45)

Beginner Obedience Registration/CGC Prep (Wednesday @6:45)

Reliable Recall/Loose Leash Walking (Monday @6:45)  **This Class has 3 sessions only October 4, 11 and 18)

Does your dog drag you on a walk, pull you through doorways, lunge at other animals, jerk you off your feet?  Three 30 minute sessions will teach how to take back control on your walk.  

Reliable Recall Registration

Controlled Walking Registration

Therapy Work Preparation (Monday @6:45)

We will teach to the 13 specific behaviors required by Therapy Dogs International for the TDI certification.  Test requirements can be found at

Class prerequisites are AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification and / or CDTC (or similar) Beginner Obedience.  Dogs who do not meet these prerequisites will require instructor review and approval prior to starting the class and class enrollment is not guaranteed.

Therapy Work Preparation Registration

Pre-Obedience/Rally 101 (2 Sessions:  Tuesdays @6:45 & Tuesday @8:15)

This class will concentrate on the foundation skills needed for Obedience and Rally competition.
Skills taught include components of attention and beginning heeling, body awareness, recall, position changes (sit, down, stand), and stays.
Dogs should know their names and be able to sit and down with one cue most of the time. 101 through 303 must be taken in sequential order, no exceptions. Pre-requisite classes: Puppy or Beginner or higher.

After completing this class, consider taking Pre-Obedience/Rally 202.

Pre-Obedience 101 Registration (Tuesdays @6:45)

Pre-Obedience 101 Registration (Tuesdays @8:15)

Pre-Obedience/Rally 202 (Monday @8:15)

This class is a continuation of Pre- Obedience/Rally 101 and will concentrate on improving/increasing skills from that class. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Pre-Obedience/Rally 101 class.   Obedience/Rally 303 would follow 

Pre-Obedience 202 Registration

Beginner Novice/Novice Competition Obedience (Monday @8:15)

This class follows Pre-Obedience/Rally 303 and is intended for handlers interested in competing in Novice Obedience. Prerequisites: Successful completion of Pre-Obedience/Rally 303, currently competing in Beginner Novice, or instructor approval.  

Novice Competition Obedience Registration

Intro to Open (Monday @5:30)

For those teams presently competing in AKC Novice Obedience or have their CD.  Prerequisites include 101, 202, 303, and Novice Prep or instructor approval.

Intro to Open Registration

Utility (Monday @4:15)

For those teams that are competing in Open or who have completed their CDX title. Prerequisites also include: 101, 202, 303, and Novice Prep. If you have questions on the appropriateness of this class, please feel free to call the instructor @ 704 753 4950.

Utility Registration (Monday)

Utility (Tuesday@ 8:15)

For those teams that are competing in Open or who have completed their CDX title. Prerequisites also include: 101, 202, 303, and Novice Prep. 

Utility Registration (Tuesday @ 8:15)

Rally Novice (Tuesday @5:30)

This class is for students who have knowledge of basic obedience exercises.  Rally AKC rules and regulations will be introduced.  Two Novice Rally courses will be set up each week.  Students will receive practice and coaching in reading signs and running courses.  We'll cover everything you need to enter your first AKC Rally Competition.   

Equipment Required: harness &/or regular collar and 4' or 6' leash. 

Rally Novice Registration

Rally Advanced/Excellent (Wednesday @5:30)

This class is designed to provide experience in running AKC Intermediate/Advanced and Excellent level courses. This class will have two rings with Intermediate/Advanced and Excellent signs. Students will receive practice and coaching in reading signs and running courses.

Prerequisites: This class is open to students who have completed Rally Novice.   *Intermediate teams are welcome to use a harness &/or regular collar & leash but will not execute any jumps.  Advanced and Excellent teams should be able to work off-leash or at least hands-free.  

Rally Advanced/Excellent Registration

Pre-Agility (Monday @5:30)

This class will cover introduction to clicker training, targeting, "baby" obstacle familiarization, focus, on and off switches, and groundwork. Dogs should know sit and down stay for at least 10 seconds and come when called. This class is held indoors. 

Pre-Agility Registration

Agility 4 - (Tuesday @6:45)

This class follows agility 3 to bring together the skills necessary to begin novice level courses.

We will focus on incorporating crosses with sequences.  We will work contacts and weaves  separately to develop reliable obstacle performance. Students must have reliable recall of their dog and remain task focused while training around other working dogs. Maximum of 6 students.

Agility 4 Registration

Agility Course Practice  (Monday @6:45)

This is a handling class for dogs performing at the novice and open level. We set up a course with appropriate challenges for this level and work on how to best run it. Dogs should be able to perform all obstacles and have solid stays, off lead control, and consistent recalls. Dogs that meet most of the criteria can participate with instructor approval. 

Advanced Course Practice Registration

Masters Agility (Wednesday @6:45)

This is for dogs and handlers who are competing in Master or Excellent level agility. This class is student led and provides little instruction/teaching for teams. Handlers/Dogs must be competing in Master/Excellent and/or have pre-approval from instructor to enroll. Led by CDTC members / instructors. 

Masters Agility Registration

Scentwork 1 - Intro to Scentwork (Wednesday @7:00)

This class is an introduction to the sport of AKC Scent Work. The class will introduce skills such as search drive, odor obedience, and indication.

No prerequisite. A handler may only sign up for one spot with one dog.

Scentwork 1 Registration

Scentwork  - Scentwork Advanced/Excellent Run Thrus (Wednesday @8:15)

This class is for students who are currently competing in AKC Scent Work or similar level in another venue.  must be on birch, anise, and clove odors.  Class will consist of run-thru set ups, with multiple search areas, scent puzzles and challenges.  Classes will be offered for different levels at various sessions.  A handler may only sign up for one spot.

Prerequisite: SW3, trialing at or titled at the level of the class, or prior instructor approval. Priority will be given to dogs who have not taken the class before.

Registration for Scentwork Advanced/Excellent Run Thrus

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